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Studio Classes

The classes we offer are "Vinyasa Flow sequences", were we combined different styles in one session of 1 hour (Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin). We start the session with breathing (Pranayama) exercises. Every class we use slightly different asanas, but we always work folding forwards, back bends, core strength , inversions and balance. We learn every asana (move, posture) with the breathing and  some props if needed (blocks, straps, bolsters or blankets).


We like to say every class is like a journey, it starts slow, gradually builds up into more complex, challenging asanas, gets to a pick asana (very challenging) and gradually we come back to relaxation and breathing. To finish we enjoy a very relaxing "savasana" were everyone takes their time to let go all the tension you might have been holding during the day using different guided meditation. 

Amari Yoga Studio is located at Horsham town center (20-22 East Street). Studio can accommodate up to five students, this number helps us to offer personal attention and adjustments if needed.

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