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Sport Massage in Horsham, West Sussex

I have tried Kristel's Sport Massage and I highly recommend it to anyone.

You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from a sports massage. Many of us spend too many hours hunched over laptops, carrying our children around on our hips, sitting poorly, enduring long commutes and more. All these common daily movement patterns can lead to dysfunctions, tightness and discomfort. For those of you that participate in exercise (regularly or infrequent), sports massage can be incredibly beneficial at aiding you with your chosen sport, helping increase range of motion, boost recovery and decrease areas of tension.

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

  • Increased joint range of motion (ROM) and flexibility

  • Increased sense of well-being and relaxation

  • Decreased muscle tension

  • Decreased muscle spasm, pain and stiffness

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Increased blood and nutrient flow

  • Boosts muscle performance

  • Helps breakdown scar tissue

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue therapy that helps to realign tissue fibers, working to alleviate adhesions (knots) and release tension. It incorporates a combination of techniques including stretching, myofascial release, kneading and trigger point release. Due to its nature, it can be quite intense but should not feel like a form of torture! Kristel works with you, adjusting the pressure to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your treatment.

Kristel is a level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist. She completed her qualification in the summer of 2021 and she has been helping her clients ever since with their aches, pains and niggles! She is also a Personal Trainer! it is her passion to help people feel good in their bodies, to move well, to be fit, healthy and strong. Sports massage therapy very much compliments the work she does, as she has a very keen understanding of the stresses placed on the body, not just during exercise but from daily life also.

If you would like to book or have questions regarding treatment, please get in touch with her - 07712171699 or email

Her prices are:

  • 30 minute sessions £35

  • 45 minute sessions £45

  • 60 minute sessions £50

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