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Yoga for cyclists

By definition, yoga simply means connecting breath to movement. Yoga is often portrayed as a sequence of postures, but it’s really the breath linking those postures together that makes it so powerful. Through deep, fluid breathing, we can take control of our heart rates and access more power on the bike.

Sure, supple muscles are stronger and less prone to injury, but that is only one element that yoga provides. Space and alignment in the joints as well as increased mindfulness are also important aspects of yoga.

So while there are many postures that target specific muscles overworked on the bike, the training of and connection to the breath is essential to your practice—without breath control, it’s not yoga; it’s just stretching.

Best practice you could do is "sun sulatation" is one simple sequence that takes very little time and can be repeated to establish a daily practice easily. This sequence is fundamental to all styles of yoga as it represents the basic, full-body opening.

You can practice the "sun sulatation" with Silvia at the comfort of your own house following the next tutorial:

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