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Yoga for Restaurant & Retail Workers in Horsham

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

For some people, being on your feet all day at work can sound more appealing than sitting behind a desk. You say, it keeps you active and better than paying for a gym membership but whilst there are benefits, your feet, your legs and your back can suffer the achy repercussions. That's why we offer yoga for hospitality workers to keep your limbs strong and healthy. 

Food and beverage workers often work 80 hours a week, leaving them little time to think about their diet or other aspects of their health. The average leisure and hospitality employee stays at one job for only 2.2 years. With hazardous working conditions and low rates of health benefits, high levels of attrition are hardly surprising. Chefs may love cooking, servers may have a passion for hospitality, and bartenders may excel at making drinks, but a harsh working environment may impact your body and mind.

Better health-care packages and vacation schedules are becoming the rule rather than the exception. And many restaurants are going beyond traditional benefits, offering emotional-support services and the kind of perks that appeal to a new generation that demands flexibility, work-life balance and service to social causes.

Why not offer to your employees a weekly yoga class? If as a restaurant manager you are planning to encourage your employees to improve their health and work-life balance don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

The classes at "Amari Yoga Horsham" are trying to help restaurant workers based in Horsham to take better care of themselves.

If your restaurant has a group of 4 to 10 people interested in yoga or meditation classes please contact us and we can schedule the best day of the week and time to organise the first trial class completely free. After the trial, classes will be charged at £50 per class (up to 10 employees). Alternatively, if initial uptake is low, we offer smaller classes at £10 per person.

When the weather is good we like to hold classes outdoors (Horsham Park) to feel more connected with Nature. Otherwise, classes can be held in a private hall (according to social distancing rules) or in your own space if you prefer.

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