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Yoga session outdoors in West Sussex

Updated: May 10, 2018

Nature inspire us all the time. Being surrounded by nature is a wonderful way to relax and connect with your body and mind.

At Amari Yoga we believe in creating a link with nature, a special connection. Because of that Amari Yoga offers yoga sessions outdoors in nature. Places like parks, seashore, riverside, lakes and forest are our favorites.

The pictures below are from a outdoors yoga session at Tilgate Park in Crawley. We choose very special locations to create the most wonderful experiences. Outdoor classes are not programmed in advance because of the weather conditions.

To be update with the last outdoor sessions please follow our page on facebook (Amari Yoga Horsham)

If you are coming to a outdoors yoga session in West Sussex with Amari Yoga don't forget:

  1. Your yoga mat.

  2. Your bottle of water.

  3. Comfortable shoes to walk to the location (little hiking trip, not more than 10 minutes).

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